iOS 4.0.2 Information

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Device Version/BuildID Release Date Download Size Apple Signing Status Hashes
iPod touch 2G
iOS 4.0.2
08/09/2010 iPod2,1_4.0.2_8A400_Restore.ipsw 344 MB MD5: e706efcf835de9fcf6f96c7a420a7a22
SHA1: 06a42297d94461264eb64d7c8640cc5d1c19edeb
iPod touch 3
iOS 4.0.2
08/09/2010 iPod3,1_4.0.2_8A400_Restore.ipsw 384 MB MD5: dc7741b9e4353895c3910237a5b10a4d
SHA1: 481b21044130125b117d53207f725b70fb061855
iPhone 4 (GSM)
iOS 4.0.2
08/09/2010 iPhone3,1_4.0.2_8A400_Restore.ipsw 607 MB MD5: 790b24fe7515084f457ce413618b2709
SHA1: ac1cfa93f123e72282671bad7b2210713a5d4a8b
iPhone 3G[S]
iOS 4.0.2
08/09/2010 iPhone2,1_4.0.2_8A400_Restore.ipsw 396 MB MD5: 9cb5684457fb41886827d727d91313c3
SHA1: 61d21363ced6e006cc226f9a0a0e9c6ed8e048ab
iPhone 3G
iOS 4.0.2
08/09/2010 iPhone1,2_4.0.2_8A400_Restore.ipsw 320 MB MD5: 6f3aefe1f8f516ae6e91fe993749347a
SHA1: ee2bc74719170a7a2440b593b6f300727c930c69