Choose an IPSW for the iPhone 13

aka iPhone14,5

Signed IPSW files can be restored via iTunes. Unsigned IPSWs cannot currently be restored via iTunes.

Signed IPSWs

iOS 15.1 (19B74) 25th October 2021 6.62 GB iPhone14,5_15.1_19B74_Restore.ipsw
iOS 15.0.2 (19A404) 11th October 2021 6.6 GB iPhone14,5_15.0.2_19A404_Restore.ipsw

Unsigned IPSWs

iOS 15.0.1 (19A348) 1st October 2021 6.6 GB iPhone14,5_15.0.1_19A348_Restore.ipsw
iOS 15.0 (19A346) 20th September 2021 6.6 GB iPhone14,5_15.0_19A346_Restore.ipsw
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